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We are experts in criminal defense, personal injury, and motor vehicle accident cases.

We defend individuals, organizations, and entities that have been charged with a crime. Criminal cases range from domestic violence crimes and violent crimes to theft and fraud. 

We defend individuals, organizations, and entities that are going through civil lawsuits. 

Personal injury cases are legal disputes that arise when one person suffers harm from an accident or injury, and someone else might be legally responsible for that harm. 

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident we will fight for you. We are well-versed and experienced in accident cases to assist you after you have been injured. 

Real estate transactions are complex and often times risky. We help our clients navigate through the real estate process safely and smoothly.

Be prepared for the future with professional estate planning.

Need your refund faster? Contact us to learn more about the Watkins Rapid Tax Refund service.

“Since leaving Office, my firm has been successful in recovering millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. In fact when big insurance companies see us coming, they know to take our clients claims seriously”
-Craig Watkins former Dallas County District Attorney


Federal criminal charges are different than charges in state court. We are experienced in federal court systems and defend a wide variety of federal court cases including:

  • Federal Drug Trafficking
  • Federal Mail & Wire Fraud
  • Federal Money Laundering
  • Federal Tax Crimes
  • Federal Government Corruption


The State of Texas has the power to arrest, charge, try, and convict defendants who violate the state laws of Texas. State courts have broad jurisdiction, so most crimes involving individual citizens- DWI’s, robberies, assaults, sexual assaults, homicides-are usually tried in state courts. Craig Watkins, the former elected District Attorney in Dallas County, is skilled at all stages of a state court prosecution.

Writ & Appeal

If you’re convicted of a crime, you have the option to ‘appeal’ that decision to a higher court. In many cases, these appeals are based on some kind of legal error that happened during the legal process. The higher court (appellate court) will review all of your case documents to reach a decision in the matter. The appeals process is much more lengthy and in depth than the traditional criminal justice process. It can take many months, and you need a proven and experienced appellate lawyer on your side.

Injury Law

Trying injury lawsuits, also known as tort claims, are one of the most important functions of the United States civil court system. Unlike State and Federal prosecutions, civil claims brought by Plaintiff’s Attorney’s on behalf of regular every day citizens is only the means individuals can hold large corporations accountable for their corrupt or negligent actions.  This is where I bring the experience I gained as the elected Prosecutor for Dallas County to my Personal injury clients. Just as I prosecuted defendants charged with crimes, I am now prosecuting corporate entities for their malfeasance.


Police Brutality

I support good cops. They work a difficult, life-threatening job, and their days are extraordinarily stressful. However, police officers also exercise a great deal of control over the lives of the people they interact with, and an abuse of this power is particularly egregious. Some examples of this abuse include:  

  • Unnecessary physical violence
  • Unnecessary and degrading strip searches
  • Sexual assault
  • Coercion, blackmail or other uses of police power to force you into doing something you don’t want to do
  • Racial profiling

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